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What kinda bait does my fish like?
Give that finicky fishy what he's been craving, with our bait for fish guide.

Atlantic Croaker-
Small minnows, sandworms, bloodworms and cut bait

Bass Fish

Largemouth Bass-
Bait fish are great bait for largemouth bass. Try using the bait fish that is most common in the area you are fishing. Bait fish can be used live or as artificial lures. Some of the more popular live bait fish for largemouth would include: scuds, shad, minnows or shiners and sunfish. Some of the more popular artificial versions that can be used as largemouth bass bait would include: The KickTail Minnow, Rapala's, Smithwick Rogues, etc.

I'm not a pro fisherman but my parents live on a little inland lake in Michigan. I take my son out behind the house and we fish for Bass, from the shore. We have been catching them with a Eagle Claw #6 single hook colored spinner. We caught most with the yellow and and some with a green one. We put a little weight at the top of the spinner line and a bobber about 2 feet from the hook. We aren't fishing real deep even though there is a drop-off in the cove. We throw a piece of night crawler on the hook. We cast from the shore and slowly real in the bait. Usually the bass will hit right away after the cast, but once in awhile they will hit on the way in. We also catch pan fish, rock bass and perch with this setup. The bass are great fun to catch and they jump right out of the water when you hook one. We catch them mostly in the morning or later in the evening.

Smallmouth Bass-
Smallmouth bass are known for being aggressive and giving a great fight. Smallmouth bass love things that are alive and wriggling in the water. Try using crayfish, leaches, chubs, minnows and bait fish.

Crayfish are a very effective bait for largemouth bass. These freshwater crustaceans are like candy for bass. Large crayfish are an excellent bait for large bass. Artificial Lures and Live Bait also recommended.

Bluegill- Small Spinners and flies, live crickets, worms and grubs

Blue Catfish- Go with prepared and cut bait or Live Bait

Blue Marlin- Whole uncut Live Bait and cut strip baits

Bluefin Tuna- Will bite on most types of live bait fish.

Great Barracuda- Plugs, spoons and Live Baits all work well for these monster fish.

Lake Trout-
Live minnows, spoons and plugs. 

Longnose Gar- Any live bait that wriggles

Muskie- Muskies are large freshwater game fish that can grow up to 5 feet in length and weight up to as much as 65 pounds. They are found in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. There are many types of bait used to catch these freshwater monsters. Live baits, lures, crank baits, jerk baits, spinners and surface lures can be used. Big live suckers and minnows, huge spinners also recommended.

Northern Pike- live minnows and bright spinners, spoons, plugs

Rainbow Trout- Flies of all kinds, spoons and live minnows.  Insects also work

Speckled Peacock Bass- Plugs, spoons, streamers, popping bugs and Live Bait

Summer Flounder- live and preserved minnows, cut bait and small spoons and spinners

Snook- Live minnows, shrimp, crabs and artificial baits like jigs

Swordfish- Large trolled bairs or squid.  Live fish will work well too

Tarpon-Live mullet, crabs, and shrimp.  Plugs, spoons and jigs will also work

Walleye- Walleyes, the largest members of the perch family, are generally found in the Great Lakes region. They can be caught all year long and they are known for a good fight when hooked. They are considered a great tasting fish.

When the weather is cold, you may find the best results with live bait. In cold water, walleyes are sluggish. The movement of live bait will likely be most effective at stimulating them to bite. Walleyes tend to be more aggressive in warmer weather. When the weather is warm try plastic bait, especially plastic worms. Many anglers claim that minnows work best year round for Walleyes. Early in the morning or late in the day are usually optimal times to catch Walleye.

If you're using a live bait jig, try minnows, worms, leeches or red tail chub. With a spinner, try a piece of worm. More on how to catch Walleye.

Yellow Perch- Any small Live Bait or prepared bait

White Crappie-
Live minnows and small jigs work well